Eagle Springs Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

HOA Board - How can I contact the Board of Directors?

You may contact any of the Eagle Springs Home Owner’s Association Board of Directors committee members via mail or e-mail. Contact the Board of Directors using the form provided on the BOD page or by emailing [email protected]

For general community questions please Contact our office.

HOA Dues - How much are the annual fees? When and how do I pay them?

Annual dues are $700 for gated communities and $600 for non-gated communities. HOA fees are due before Februrary 1st.  There is a drop-box at the clubhouse round-about or you may mail your dues to the address at the bottom of the page. Make check payable to Eagle Springs Association, Inc. The online payment method is no longer available.

Trash - When is trash collected and where should I keep my trash can?

Trash collection is regularly on Thursdays.  According to the city codes, trash cans shall be placed on the street no earlier than Wednesday at 7:00 P.M and shall be removed from the street no later than Thursday at 7:00 P.M. 

Most of the covenants state that trash containers shall be installed in a place out of sight from any road.  We provide some immediate solutions: place the trash container inside the garage or behind existing fence or build an approved blind that mirrors existing homes.

Covenants - Where can I get a copy of my subdivision covenants?

You can access covenants in this website under the Subdivisions tab. They are also available in the Houston County Public Records, search by your community's title.

Yard Upkeep - How do I need to landscape my yard?

Yard upkeep includes but is not limited to grass regularly mowed, flower beds free of weeds, sidewalks and driveways properly edged. This also applies to empty lots.

Renovations - How do I get permission to construct a new shed / patio / sunroom / etc?

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) consists of volunteer  neighbors who look to preserve the neighborhood standards outlined in the covenants when building new structures or making renovations/alterations. Please draft your proposed plans and email them here for ACC approval.

Fishing - Is fishing in the lakes allowed for residents?

There are two answers to this question: 1) In Eagle Springs common areas, NO fishing or swimming is permitted due to association insurance requirements. 2) If a resident has a waterfront home in Eagle Harbor or Grove Point, they own the water immediately behind it and CAN fish on their private property.

Street Lights - Where do I report a street light that's out?

You can call Flint Energies at 478-988-3500 and report it.  Be prepared to provide the address closest to the light pole.  Flint Energies needs this information to accurately locate the affected light pole.

Other Questions? Contact Our Office


Police: Emergencies: 911. Non-emergencies: 478-953-4222

Fire Dept: 478-953-4050

Medical Center: 478-922-4281, 1601 Watson Blvd.

Houston County: 478-542-2135  houstoncountyga.org

City of Centerville: 478-953-4734  centervillega.org  Utilities: 478-953-3222

Power Co: Flint Energies: 478-988-3500

Recycling Center: 478-975-0600, 101 Industrial Way

Animal Control: 478-542-2033

Library: 478-953-4500